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Advantages and Disadvantages of Resin Sand Casting Process

Resin sand is a common casting material in foundry industry, so resin sand casting process is a main casting method for iron castings. This article will introduce its advantages and disadvantages to buyers for iron castings.

The advantages of resin sand casting process:

1. The resin sand castings have high dimensional accuracy, and the external outline is clear; the castings have smooth surface, and the appearance is in good quality; the structure is compact, and the castings have good integrated quality.

As the resin sand (furan resin sand) has good fluidity and it is easy to compaction, so the ejection time can be adjusted, after hardening, it has high strength, which makes it uneasy to be deformed in a subsequent process of handling and co-box. Due to the high stiffness of resin sand, wall displacement phenomenon in casting and solidification process is basically invisible, so the dimensional accuracy of castings is high, and it can be increased by 1 to 2 levels, compared with the castings produced by clay sand and oil sand.

2. Resin sand does not need drying process, so the production cycle is shortened, and the energy is saved.

3. The drying process is eliminated, and the sand is easy to compaction. It has good collapsibility and it is easy to clean-up, which significantly reduced labor intensity and create conditions for the realization of the mechanized production.

The above analyses are the main advantages of resin sand casting, but it also has some shortcomings.

The disadvantages of resin sand casting process:

1. It has great demand for the original sand and Furan resin;
2. There is irritating odor in the production process of modeling and casting.
3. If you use resin sand to conduct the production, the cost is higher than green sand casting process, so all factors should be considered.

Although the resin sand castings are more expensive relatively, considering its advantages, this casting process is still widely used in many iron foundries of China, especially for producing large iron castings.

Resin Sand Casting

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