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Cast Iron Belt Pulley Made in China

Belt pulley is mainly used for long-distance power transmission, such as small diesel power output, tractor, agricultural vehicle, and mechanical processing equipments, agricultural machinery power transmission, air compressors, reduction gears, generator and so on.

The material of belt pulleys

The most of belt pulleys are usually made by grey iron ASTM A48 CL30 and CL35. They have good corrosion resistance, wearing resistance, and it is very strong, non-deformation, moreover, grey cast iron cost is cheap.

The ductile iron belt pulley is usually made by ASTM A536 60-40-18 and 65-45-12 according to the strength and elongation requirements, ductile iron is more expensive than grey iron, but it has better strength and elongation.

The type of belt pulleys

The types of belt pulley include single-slot belt pulleys, double-slot belt pulleys, and V-belt pulley etc.

The advantages of belt pulleys

The structure of belt pulley is simple, easy to adjust. When the belt pulley works, it is very smooth, low noise, and low vibration.

The disadvantages of belt pulleys

When the belt pulley works, it is possible happen the phenomenon of slip.

The transmission efficiency of belt pulley is lower, and it can not keep the accurate of transmission ratio.

The use life of the belt pulleys is short.

How to prevent belt pulley slip

Waxed belt pulley, it can increase the friction coefficient between belt pulley and belt.

Belt pulley should be tighten, it can increase the pressure between belt pulley and belt.

To ensure parallelism between the pulley.

Production Process

The production processes of belt pulley are usually included casting and forging. Large belt pulleys are usually made by casting process. The materials are usually cast iron, because the casting performance of cast iron is good. Small belt pulleys are usually made by cast steel. Forging materials have better density, so have better reliability and less material defects.

Since the slots of belt pulleys should be non-defective, so its casting process is more complex than other casting products. Only experienced iron foundries could produce them, especially for large cast iron belt pulleys.

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