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Iron Foundry

Iron foundry is the metal foundry mainly producing iron castings. There are thousands of iron foundries in China. Herein, I will talk about some main aspects about the iron foundry in China.

Types of Iron Foundry

There are many types of iron foundries. I just list some main types. One is small iron foundry main using the green sand floor molding process. Another is the iron foundry using many different casting processes, and normally these foundries have machining capability, such as our Dandong Foundry. Third is the iron foundry specifically producing several types of iron castings, such as papermaking dryer, pipe and pipe fittings, certain automotive parts.

Main Equipments of Iron Foundry

Iron foundry usually has cupola or electric furnace as the main equipments for melting the irons. Some large iron foundries have the automatic molding lines or molding machines. As for small iron foundries, they use hand molding method, so there are no these machines. Some foundries have shooters for making the resin core and shell, please refer to our another article Shell Molding for more about these machines.

All iron foundries have sand cleaning equipments such as various sand blasting machines and grinding machines.

There are many iron foundries in China, who have machining equipments, so they could do the rough and finish machining in-house.

Main Products of Iron Foundry

Since the iron castings are the base of living and industry, there are too many types of iron castings. When you see some iron parts, probably, they were made by casting process. Herein, I list some main types of foundry products. Such as the iron parts for agricultural and engineering trucks and machineries, for automotive vehicles, for civil facilities, for stoves and boilers, for pumps and valves, for ships and boats and many fields.

Main Problem of Iron Foundry

There are many problems in iron foundries. Firstly, iron foundries can cause the pollution to environment. Therefore, the iron foundries are few in developed countries. Secondly, the working condition is very bad, so the salaries of workers are higher and higher. Thirdly, the prices of iron castings will be mainly affected by the pig iron and iron ore, so the prices are unstable in recent years. Fourthly, the profit margin is very small because of serious competition and low technology. Fifthly, the workers and administrative staff have low level of education, therefore, it is difficult to reach a good administration level.

However, iron foundry is still essential for all industries, so they should have better development in the future.

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