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Boiler Soot Collector - Iron Casting

Soot collector tube and iron vane are main cast iron parts for boilers. In the past, welding with steel plates are the main method to get these parts, but steel plates are easily rusted, so alloy cast iron is the better choice for producing them.

Dandong Foundry produced them for our clients. The material is alloy cast iron with some content of Cr, Mo and Ni alloys. These alloy components can make the collector tubes to have better rust and heat resistance.

Because of the added alloys, and resin sand casting process, the price will be higher than normal iron castings.

These collector tubes are very large, about 800 mm height, but only 10 mm wall thickness, therefore, good surface smoothness and even wall thickness will be the key quality standard.

Even we produced them, we met some difficulty to clean the inside surfaces and guarantee the good surface quality and even wall thickness. So, we used resin sand casting process to produce them. However, the metal casting defects, such as shrinkage, sand inclusion and cracks were still existed, so some repairing works were necessary.

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