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Dandong Foundry has over 50 years history. We have produced Grey Iron and Ductile Iron Castings more than 2000 types, therefore, we have rich experience in casting production and machining works. Our annual output is about 8,000 tons, and 50% have been exported to USA, Germany, Australia, UK, Italy and Japan.

In order to reinforce our exporting capability, we established new company "Liaoning Borui Machinery Co., Ltd". With our own right of import and export, we are exporting our iron casting products directly, and could supply some cast steel castings and cast aluminum products too.

Casting Production Equipment

Our new foundry plant has more larger automatic molding lines and more machining equipments. The max. production capacity of gray iron and ductile iron castings could reach 30,000 tons each year.

Our large automatic static pressure molding line is an advanced molding line, which could guarantee higher dimensional tolerance and better surface quality. Its molding flask is 1000*800mm, which means it could produce any iron castings less than one meter long. With other two FBO molding lines, the total production volume could reach 30,000 tons each year.

We are also using other casting processes, such as pre-coated resin sand casting (hot shell and core molding), furan resin sand casting, and manual green sand casting process.



Machining Equipment

Our foundry is also importing many new and advanced machining equipments, together with our normal machining equipments in the past, we could complete all rough machining works, and most of high-precision finish machining works in our foundry.



Main Casting Products

Dandong Foundry mainly produces gray iron and ductile iron castings for Agricultural and Construction Machinery, residential and industrial Stoves and Boilers, and some metal castings for Pumps and Valves, Pipe Fittings, Manholes and Tugboats etc.



We sincerely welcome you to visit our iron foundry at any time. As a professional and experienced metal foundry, Dandong Foundry is always your reliable and credible supplier for iron and steel castings!


If you want to see more photos about our casting and machining equipment, please see our production photo gallery:



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