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casting flask, moulding flask, sand box, molding box

Casting flask is also known as moulding flask, sand box or molding box. It is an essential tooling in the production of sand castings. Suitable casting flasks could improve the casting quality, and reduce the consumption of molding sand, so to reduce the production costs.

Casting flasks are normally made by welding steel plates, but could also be made by sand casting process. In other words, sand flasks could be a kind of sand castings either. As for the automatic molding line, its moulding flasks have certain sizes, take the FBO 3 automatic molding line as example, the sand boxes is 508*610mm.

If the iron foundries do not have suitable casting flasks, then they will have to make some for production. There are many types and sizes of sand boxes. Small sand boxes are suitable for producing small metal castings, large boxes are suitable for large castings. Their shapes include round and square. Sometimes, there are some reinforcing ribs welded inside to hold the molding sand. All designs need to be considered to suit the casting production. However, the sand boxes for automatic molding line can not been changed. Only the boxes for manual molding and resin sand molding processes can.

Normally, the casting buyers do not need to bear the costs for making sand boxes, unless you want the iron foundries to speed up the production. More sand boxes could increase the production rate largely.

The followings are some moulding flasks from Dandong Foundry in China.

Sand boxes for manual green sand casting process

Large moulding flask for resin sand casting process

Special moulding flask for green sand casting process

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