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Cast Iron Elbow

Cast iron elbow is also called as cast iron elbow pipe or pipe corner joint. All of them are the pipe fittings made by grey iron or ductile iron.

According to the application and structure, the cast iron elbows can be calcified as 45 degree elbow, 90 degree elbow, increaser, elbow of P shape, elbow of S shape, accordant elbow of H shape, accordant elbow of Y shape, tee joint, four-way elbow joint, bushings, coupling, cross, elbow, tee, flange, cap, mechanical tee, mechanical cross, reducer and blind plug etc.

The material includes ductile iron ISO 400-18, 450-10, 500-7, gray iron ISO 200, 250 AND 300. Some iron foundries in China could also produce the malleable iron elbows.

Connection types include male, female and male-female. As for the surface coating, normally include black painting, hot dipped galvanized, epoxy painting etc.

The cast iron elbows are widely used in water supply and drainage, pollution discharge, petroleum and petrochemical industries, road engineering, public works and municipal buildings, power and paper industries and fire protection engineering.

As for the small cast iron elbows, most of iron foundries will produce them by green sand floor molding process or shell molding process. As for the large elbows, it will be necessary to use resin sand casting process. As for the super large elbows, then it will require the green sand buried casting process.

You could find many iron foundries and suppliers in China, who could produce normal cast iron elbows, however, as for the pipe fittings with high pressure or strict anti-rust requirements, or super large elbows, you need to find the professional cast iron pipe fitting manufacturers.

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