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Shell Molding

Shell molding is a mature and good metal casting process. The foundries use the core shooter machines to make the hot resin sand shell and core, the assembly the shell and core, and pour the melted iron into the assembly.

The shell molding is using a kind of resin sand, but this type of resin sand is yellow, and very fine. After heating in the metal patterns, the resin sand will become a harden shell or core.

Shell molding can make the castings with good surface quality, good dimensions, thin wall thickness. The dimensional tolerance of shell molding is just a little lower than lost wax investment casting process, so it is much higher than resin sand and green sand casting process. If you have high requirements to your products, and your parts are not very large and heavy, the shell molding should be a very good choice for you.

The disadvantage of shell molding is the process has to use the metal patterns and the production cost is higher than resin sand casting process. It is about 75USD/TON higher than resin sand casting process. Moreover, its production rate has limitation. If you annual demand is very large, such as over 50,000 pieces, you should check your supplier if they could complete them. For the large order volume, you will have to choose the automatic molding line.

For the shell molding, there is no min. weight limited, even 0.2kg can still be made by shell molding, yes, it is possible for making several pieces in one mold. However, it is not common to produce the steel castings by shell molding in China, most of foundries make iron castings by shell molding, including Dandong Foundry.

The castings usually have the size limitation of under 400mm, too large can not be made by shell molding. The common weight for shell molding is under 20kg, to large or too heavy is better to choose other process. Of course, you should talk with your casting suppliers and check if they could make your products by shell molding.

The attached are some photos for shooting machine, resin shells and cores for your reference. Dandong Foundry is using shell molding process to produce the stove burners, chimney tubes, differential cases for car and other iron castings.

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