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Where to buy cheap iron castings

As for a buyer for iron castings, the prices are always the most important consideration. In my works in iron foundry for many years, I was also wondering if our cast iron prices were the cheapest in the world. Unfortunately, we were not. There are many iron foundries worldwide who could produce the iron castings by the lower costs than ours.

The prices of iron castings in China

There are thousands of iron foundries in China, and the numbers of workers are different from dozens to hundreds. Moreover, they have their own specialties, such as pipe fittings, automobile parts, machinery parts, stove burners, manholes or others. Therefore, if you are going to buy many pipe fittings, and you find an iron foundry who mainly produced pipe fittings, then I think you will get a very good price from them.

In addition, there are some iron foundries who could use large volume of iron scraps to produce iron castings. Although their material quality is not good, but their prices are really very low. If your cast iron parts do not have material requirements, they should be a good choice. It is a pity that Dandong Foundry could not reduce the production costs by this way. Most of our products have certain material requirements.

Another situation is the prices from small iron foundries. Some small iron foundries have more compact administration team, which means they have lower management costs. So, their prices will be lower than medium and large iron foundries. Of course, their shortcomings are quality risk and delivery time. Small iron foundries do not have the capability to take large orders.

The prices of iron castings in India

As I know, there are many iron foundries in India too. I guess it is because their material costs and manpower costs are lower than those in China, therefore, I heard that their cast iron prices were not high. However, from our clients, we heard that their quality and delivery were not good. It is not proper if I say too many bad words here since we are the competitors. I believe that there are many good suppliers and bed suppliers anywhere.

The prices of iron castings in Vietnam

There are some iron foundries in Vietnam, I did not know the exact amount, but as I heard, their prices of iron castings are low. However, some buyers in Vietnam are still buying iron castings from China. Some clients said the iron foundries in Vietnam can not produce ductile iron castings. Actually, I still think it is impossible since the most of iron foundries in China could produce ductile iron castings very well, but I think maybe their quality was not good enough for some buyers.

All in all, these information is just my personal opinion, I think you should not look for the cheapest iron castings, but need to find the suitable iron foundries according to your technical and other requirements. The reasonable prices could guarantee you to gain the long-term profit.

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