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How about the cast iron & pig iron prices in China? 

As a metal foundry in China, we always keep our eyes on the updated pig iron prices. At the same time, we also provided the updated cast iron prices on Dandong Foundry's website. In this way, our clients and visitors can learn about the latest prices about grey iron casting, ductile iron casting and pig iron in China.

 As for the pig iron prices, we got them from those websites we often used. We have compared their prices with our purchased prices. So, these prices are accurate and representative.  

As for the cast iron prices, we have quoted them by gray iron castings by green sand casting process and resin sand casting process. And likewise for the ductile iron castings. 

However, you must know that these prices are just average prices, which are just for your reference. There are many factors will affect the prices of iron castings. Such as the unit weight, the annual demand, the structure complexity, material requirements, surface and inside requirements, dimensional requirements etc. So, if you need accurate quotations, you should contact the manufacturers and send the drawings and requirements to them. The incautious inquiry and quotations will affect the both profits for the buyer and seller.  

What is the relations between cast iron and pig iron? 

There are direct relations between them. In other words, if the pig iron rises 100 USD/ton, then the cast iron prices will rises 100 USD/ton too. Therefore, pig iron prices will largely affect the iron casting prices. 

By the way, the different degrees for the gray iron and ductile iron will also affect their prices. The higher degrees will require higher costs. As for the gray iron, the GG 15, GG20, GG25 should have similar prices, but the GG30 and GG35 should have higher prices. As for the ductile iron, the GGG50 should have higher price than GGG40. The GGG60 and GGG70, GGG80 will have more higher prices. Why? The higher degrees will require higher requirement and technical capability. Moreover, the higher degrees will mean the difficulty to recycle the materials. In other words, as for the GG20 materials, we can reuse their casting head (gate and feed) to make GG20 again. Since we make GG20 materials everyday, so the inferior products can be our raw materials again. However, the higher degree materials have to wait for making the same materials again. 

For the updated cast iron & pig iron prices, please check our Home page. You will find the latest prices.


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