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Sand casting foundry is the metal foundry mainly using sand casting process to produce iron, steel and aluminum casting products.

Sand Casting of Cast Iron

Sand casting process is mainly used to produce gray cast iron and ductile iron castings. The casting process could be divided into green sand, furan resin sand and pre-coated resin sand (shell molding) according to the sand materials. Dandong foundry is a professional sand casting foundry in China.

Cast iron sand castings with good advantages, such as low prices, complex design, high production rate, and good quality, so unless there is special or very high requirements, otherwise, producing iron castings by sand casting process is a common and good choice.

The followings are some cast iron sand castings:

Sand Casting of Cast Steel

Most of steel castings should be made by lost wax investment casting process, however, for the large steel castings, still need to be made by sand casting process.

The surface quality of cast steel sand castings is not very good, surface welding repairing will be needed, so if you have high requirement to the surface quality and defects, then the sand casting process may not be suitable.

Of course, sand casting process can produce very large steel castings from several kgs to several tons each piece. Plus, the price is much lower than lost wax investment casting process.

Although Dandong foundry can not produce cast steel sand castings by ourselves, we have long-term partner foundries in our local, who could produce steel castings very well.

The followings are some cast steel sand castings:

Sand Casting of Cast Aluminum

There are many aluminum castings made by die casting or permanent mold casting process, however, if you do not have very high requirement to the surface quality and defects, then sand casting process is a good choice, because sand casting process could get much lower prices, and much lower tooling costs too.

Shell molding process is a good sand casting process for producing aluminum castings. Dandong foundry could produce aluminum sand castings very well for you.

Photos of Sand Casting Foundries

The followings are some photos for the casting workshop of Dandong foundry. As you could understand, sand casting foundries can not be very clean as other companies. This is a reason more and more sand casting foundries have been closed because of lacking workers, high pollution etc.

Our Dandong foundry has been working for over 50 years, so we are improving our working conditions, so hope we could provide better working environment.


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