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How to become a good metal castings OEM manufacturer?

The foreign enterprises consider that Chinese manufacture has great superiorities, they embodies in fast development of economy, the great potential of market demands and the labor and management cost is low, so the foreign enterprises named China as “world factory”. So, the market potential of exported metal castings is very large.

How to seize the opportunities to acquire the tasks of making exported metal castings?

The enterprises should strive for the opportunities in various methods positively, such as visiting foreign enterprises, taking part in Chinese metal castings committees or searching on line.

What should we pay attention to the production to exported metal castings?

1. Producing high technique exported products.

Nowadays, some factories just produce low level products and the competition is stiff, so the benefits of small factories are very poor, then producing high technique exported production is imperative.

2. The metal castings production should trend to the development of assembly parts.

Now the foreign enterprises ask for metal castings less and less, but they require assembly parts more and more obviously, so casting foundries should add machinery processing fields to produce more assembly parts.

How to realize “three fast”?

1. Fast quotation

If the quotation comes out too late, the foreign enterprises will lose patience and cancel the contract, so you may lose your chance, in addition, reasonable quotation is necessary. The enterprises should analyze drawings carefully, then depend on the size, materials and techniques, accuracy of the metal parts to make a reasonable quotation, furthermore referring to the international quotation is necessary.

2. Fast samples

Delaying to offer samples leads to lose the trust of foreign enterprises to our enterprises; this may decrease investment of foreign enterprises and bring negative effects.

3. Fast production

In order to hand in products in time with high quantity and quality we should do as follows
A. Make good preparations before producing.
B. The related staffs should be sent to the market to inspect, supervise and urge handicrafts performance in order to find problems and solve them in time.
C. During producing, the enterprises should pay attention to quality of products and repair and improve the flaw handicrafts in time.
D. Strictly select excellent products before delivering goods to protect the flaw products from mixing which may bring bad consequences.

Build honest and trust company image

The foreign enterprises take honest and trust of company very seriously, so the honest and trust are not only the morals standards of human beings, but also the market economy, so whether building honest and trust is related to the success of the metal casting manufacturers.

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