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How to determine the prices of iron castings

Many overseas buyers may wonder how to determine the prices of iron castings. As a marketing manager in Dandong Foundry for many years, herein, I just list some main aspects to help the buyers to understand this issue.

The following aspects will help the manufacturers to determine the prices of iron castings:

1. The materials of cast iron

Material grade of cast iron is very important factor. When we see the material grade, we will know if we can make this products and the cost for the materials. Higher grades will cost more than lower grade, and adding alloy will cost more than no alloy. If your materials include some content of Cr, Ni, Mo, Cu elements, then the cast iron prices will be much more higher than normal materials.

2. The complexity of rough casting

The complexity means the size and structure. Too large or too small castings will cause more costs than normal size castings. The castings with complex structure will cause more defective rate and need more sand cores, so will need more costs.

3. The dimensional tolerance for rough casting

The dimensional tolerance of rough casting means none machined dimensions. The stricter tolerance will mean the higher casting process, such as resin sand casting process, hot shell molding, molding machines, lost wax investment casting etc. Higher casting processes will cause the large differences of production costs.

4. The requirements of machining

Machining requirements will affect the machining prices, which include the machining dimensional tolerance, surface smoothness and machining work time etc. If the castings are very large, need high precision machining, or need to machine many positions, then the machining cost will be higher.

5. Surface coating requirements

Surface coating includes the primer painting, finish painting, anti-rust oil, electric zinc galvanize, hot dip zinc galvanize, chromium plating etc. Different coating will cause different costs.

In addition, there are many other factors need to be considered, such as the heat treatment requirements, dynamic balance requirements, inside flawless, rough surface quality, hardness, pressure testing, surface flaw requirements and packing requirements. The manufacturers need to consider all of these factors, then determine the prices of iron castings.

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