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What is Metal Casting?

Many new buyers may be confused about what is metal casting. Herein, we will briefly introduce some main characters of metal castings.

Sometimes, as a buyer, you will find the requirements of producing by casting process. The casting process is a serial production process, mainly include melting pig iron or steel scraps, adding alloys, pouring the liquid iron into molds, then after cooling, the metal castings will be made out. So, what is metal casting? Casting is a kind of production method, and sometimes, it also means the product made by this method.

According to the main materials, the metal castings could be divided into iron castings, steel castings, aluminum castings, alloy castings, bronze castings, etc. According to the molds and processes, they could be divided into sand castings, metal mold castings, die castings, lost wax castings, lost foam castings etc.

Where can we find metal castings in our life and work?

Metal castings could be used for many areas, sometimes, metal castings were called as the base of industrial. For example, many metal parts of automotive and machinery such as car, truck, tractor, weeding machine were made by metal castings. Moreover, the castings could be made into various stove and boiler parts, pump and valve parts, pipe fittings, manholes, and many metal parts. In a short word, if you saw something that have metal parts, them most of these parts will be made by casting process.

Of course, most of rough castings without machining could not be used directly, so the further machining process will be necessary. If you want to get special characters, then the alloy, heat treatment and surface coating will be also required. Finally, you will see a very dedicated metal part.

Why the metal castings could be used so widely?

It is mainly because the metal castings are cheaper than other processes, their inside and outside structures could be very complex, could reach very high production rate, and better physical characters after adjusting the materials, production process and heat treatment.

The factory who produce metal castings was called as metal foundry. There are many iron and steel foundries in China. The workers in a metal foundry could be several to hundreds. The annual output for metal castings could be hundreds to ten thousands of tons.

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