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Large Cast Iron Castings

Large cast iron castings mean the casting parts with unit weight higher than 500 kgs or larger than 1 meter. Because large iron castings have more weight, so will require sand molds to have higher strength. Therefore, most of iron foundries will produce them by resin sand casting process.

Since the resin sand mold is a type of hard mold, so this process could produce iron castings with unit weight max. 2 tons, and could guarantee the large castings to have the following characters:

1. Better surface quality, the rough surfaces will be better than green sand castings.
2. Less casting defects, such as sand inclusion, air holes, shrinkage, drop sand, sand wash etc.
3. Higher rough casting dimensional tolerance grade, normally could reach ISO 8062 CT10.

The followings are some large iron castings produced by our foundry in China.

These cast iron plates have unit weight from 200 kgs to 500 kgs. Their dimensions are from 900 mm to 1500 mm. The top and bottom surfaces need to be grinded. The casting defects requirements are very high. No defects on the surfaces and inside areas.

These large belt pulleys have been exported to Germany. Their unit weight from 800 kgs to 1200 kgs. The outside diameter has exceeded 1.2 meters. Required no defects in the center axle positions, and tiny defects allowable in the outside groove positions. Our foundry produced rough castings and done the machining works in-house.

Our foundry does not have minimum order quantity limitation, so even our clients just demand several pieces of large castings, we also like to produce. The following large bracket and capstan head were exported to New Zealand.

We also produced many large alloy cast iron castings for boiler manufacturers. These ash collector tubes were also produced by resin sand casting process. Their wall thickness is only 10 mm, but its height has exceeded 800 mm.

Moreover, our iron foundry is also producing various large cast iron crane balls and ductile iron manhole covers for our client in USA. The crane balls could be used for wharf cranes or wrecking cranes.

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