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Ductile Iron Types

Ferritic Ductile Iron

High elongation of ductile iron, the silicon’s content is low, the matrix is completely ferrite. Its elongation is more than 20% and its high fatigue strength is more easily meet the design requirements.

With this flexibility of ductile iron, iron foundry can design a built-in torque rod for trucks which can be bent to nearly 90 degrees in the destructive experiments. Thin-wall casting technology increases the application of this ductile iron in the cars. For example, the controlling arm, the minimum wall thickness up to 2.5 cm. Compared with the stamping, ductile iron parts have light weight, high strength, long fatigue life which has great practical value in the automotive industry.

Ferrite Plus Pearlite Ductile Iron

The type of ductile iron differs greatly from the conventional bovine pearlite plus ferrite ductile iron. It has high hardness and fatigue strength and low temperature toughness.

This ductile iron is mainly used to make components near the wheels in the truck. Such as automotive front-wheel drive bush. Its excellent mechanical properties and casting performance is significantly reduced production costs, and lightweight the product.

Pearlitic Ductile Iron

Early, crankshafts were produced by forging, but the occurrence of ductile iron makes extensive crankshafts produced by casting. However, with increased engine power, the strength and wear resistance of the crankshaft also have higher requirements.

Pearlitic ductile iron with high-strength and high wear resistance can be made into hollow structure that not only reduce the quality of the crankshaft, can ease the stress concentration around the corner. China's current manufacturing crankshafts are solid structures that have led to the emergence shrink bar in production. In addition, the pearlitic ductile iron is also a good type of gear manufacturing materials.

Austenitic Plus Bainite Ductile Iron

Also known as ADI, it is received by austempering treatment. Even though it is cast iron, but the tensile strength is more than 900Mpa, the elongation is higher than 10% and the hardness is up to HB352-429. Good toughness and wear resistance are its advantages.

Another feature of ADI is that after shot peening or rolling treatment, the hardness and fatigue strength will be significantly improved, which make it possible that ADI replace carburizing or high-frequency forged body. ADI gear has a light weight light noise, vibration and low cost. However, because of poor cutting performance, its application development is limited.

I believe that with the development of iron casting and heat treatment technology, more and more new ductile iron will play an important role in industrial production.

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