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China Foundry for Carbon Steel Castings

Dandong Foundry is a professional China Foundry manufacturing carbon steel castings, including mild steel castings, medium carbon steel and high-carbon steel castings.

Production Process
The production process includes sand casting process, lost wax investment casting process by water glass, lost wax casting process with silica sol.

The lost wax casting process with silica sol has the better surface quality and dimensional tolerance, but causes the highest production cost too.

Carbon Steel Casting Products
The followings are the carbon steel casting products manufactured by dandong foundry in China. Most of them are for tugboat, machine bases, agricultural machinery parts, pump and pipe fittings.

Carbon steel casting inspection
The inspection methods to carbon steel castings include chemical analysis, mechanical testing, impact testing, ultrasonic testing, and hardness inspections. There are many foundries in Dandong, Liaoning to produce carbon steel castings.

Carbon steel casting defects
The common steel casting defects will include crack, shrinkage, sand holes, slag inclusion etc. As for these defects, please refer to our article “Casting Defects”.

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