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Cast Iron and Cast Steel

Dandong Foundry has produced cast iron and cast steel for over 50 years. After I joined this company, I started to learn about some about iron and steel castings, and start to write some articles to share our experiences.

If you read this article, you must start to study cast iron and cast steel for a short time yet, so you must want to know what is cast iron and cast steel, why we use iron and steel castings, what are the differences between them. Of course, you may want to learn about their prices. Please do not worry, let's start to study these questions step by step.

What is cast iron and cast steel?

Sometimes, we call cast iron as iron casting. Cast iron parts are a kind of iron parts. We melt pig iron into hot liquid iron, and pour liquid iron into heat-resistant molds, then after cooling, we get the iron casting parts which have a certain designed shape and structure. The same method for cast steel can make steel castings.

Why do we use cast iron and cast steel?

Cast iron and cast steel can be made into certain complex shapes, and they have some good physical properties such as tensile strength, elongation, heat-resistance, wear-resistance etc. Sometimes, you can not get these metal parts by welding and forging methods. Moreover, you could make very small or very large iron and steel castings with high production rate.

What are the differences between cast iron and cast steel?

The main difference between cast steel and cast iron is the material, specifically for the carbon content. The cast iron has carbon over 2%, and cast steel has carbon lower than 2%. Of course, there are some small differences with other composition, but the carbon content is the main aspect.

The prices of cast iron and cast steel

Their prices are main affected by the material and weight. The prices will be higher if they have some alloys inside, and the prices will be high if they are heavier. Actually, the weight is the base of their prices. If you want to learn about the normal prices per ton for cast iron and cast steel, you could visit the website of Dandong Foundry, we update the prices on the website timely.

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