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  How to Control the Quality of Sand Castings?

The quality control methods should be adopted to all stages of raw materials, sand moulds and finished castings in sand casting process.

1. Raw materials
Before the sand casting process begins, it is important to inspect the raw materials, to ensure they meet the designated quality standards.

2. Sand molds
The sand mold is inspected to ensure that it can withstand the casting process and produce the required parts.

3. Finished castings
After melting, pouring, heat treatment, secondary machining, and surface treatment, the final castings are inspected for finish and accuracy, to ensure they meet the customer specifications.

How to control the quality of sand castings?

1. Visual Inspections
Quality control experts use visual techniques that look for any cracking, tearing, distortion, holes, or voids in the casting.

2. Chemical Inspections
The foundry's metallurgical laboratory is used for testing chemical composition and analysis of alloy properties.

3. Mechanical Properties Inspections
Mechanical quality control methods confirm that the metal meets the specified requirements in terms of hardness, tensile strength, yield strength and carrying capacity

4. Dimension Inspections
Dimensions can be inspected by using micrometers, thread and plug gauges, and height gauges, or by dimensional inspection equipment.

5. Destructive Testing
Destructive test may include chemical analysis, elevated temperature tension testing, stress rupture testing, corrosion testing, hardness testing, and failure analysis.

6. Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
Non-destructive testing assesses the internal and surface quality of a casting, without destroying it.

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