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  Grey Cast Iron Casting for Ground Sleeve

Ground sleeve is designed for flexible installation of signposts, bollards and numerous other facilities which are to be anchored by a round tube in the ground.

What is Ground Sleeve?
Ground sleeve are benches, lead frame, umbrellas, gazebos, displays, flag poles, bike racks, bins, etc. Damaged signs masts can be replaced quickly and easily without costly construction work. Vertical anchor design prevents them from rotating.

Why Iron Casting for Ground Sleeve?
Casting is much more cost-effective compared with forging method, both in side of tooling cost and unit price. Also casting is an ideal production way for sample production and long run volume for its less investment in production. So for ground sleeve, casting is preferred.

Material selected for ground sleeve is grey cast iron. The popularity of grey cast iron ground sleeve is because grey iron is one of the cheapest types of iron castings to produce. It has acceptable ductility, tensile strength, yield strength, and impact resistance for most applications. Grey Iron is also excellent in its ability to dampen vibrations making it ideal for ground sleeve application. Grey iron has high thermal conductivity meaning it moves heat more easily through the metal.

A final benefit of grey iron is its ability to withstand thermal cycling well. Thermal cycling is where the component goes back and forth between warmer and colder temperatures. While thermal cycling can create stress and premature failure in some types of metal castings, grey iron has proven to endure the strain of thermal cycling quite well and not stress as easily.

Cast iron ground sleeve


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