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  Gray Cast Iron Transmission Housing Casting

The transmission housing castings are mainly made of gray cast iron and aluminum alloy.

Benefits of Transmission Housing Castings

1. The transmission housing castings shapes that can be produced are almost limitless.

2. With the correct transmission housing castings design and process many parts can be combined into a single part; helping reduce costs by reducing or eliminating machining, by providing assembly, as well as by reducing the number of components in inventory and other associated costs.

3. Design flexibility. Castings allow you to choose from many alloys as well as have flexibility for internal and external configurations to suit your particular needs. Net shape production is sometimes achievable so that the parts are usable as cast.

4. Elimination of material waste. Transmission housing castings are cast to size.

5. The transmission housing castings is usually the most cost-effective method to produce complex or large parts for prototype quantities to medium and high-volume quantities.

Gray cast iron transmission housing


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