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  Gray Cast Iron Downspout Boots

Gray iron downspout boots are used as a transition piece for connecting sheet metal exposed downspouts to underground cast soil piping.

Solid cast iron downspout boots ensure that the bottom part of the exposed metal downspout is protected from damage. Downspout boots also enhance the building appearance.

There are different types of cast iron downspout boots: Angular, Offset and Ninety are some examples. Downspout boots can be connected to trench systems, connected below grade to a horizontal or vertical pipe, or installed with a splash block.

Cast iron downspout boots are fully resistant to damage by impact and general wear and tear. While plastic and fabricated sheet metal downspout boots are easily damaged, broken or scarred, cast iron downspout boots will last as long as the building and maintain their original appearance.

Gray Cast Iron Downspout Boots


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