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  Factors Affecting Surface Finish of Sand Castings

The factors that will affect the surface finish of sand casting include sand selection, integrity and effective ramming of the pattern, high-integrity sand cores and sand blasting.

Sand Selection
The surface finish of your cast components depends greatly on the type and quality of sand used in the casting process.

The integrity of the pattern
The quality of the pattern is critically important. Patterns manufactured with high quality resins can reduce the effects of wear and increase the life expectancy of the equipment.

Effective ramming of the patterns
Ramming is the process by which the sand is compacted into the moulds. The patterns must be rammed correctly to ensure that all the apertures are filled so that the sand does not break away during the casting process.

High-integrity sand cores
The choice of core manufacturing process is another important consideration. Shell core-making produces the best surface finish, but it is also the most expensive technique.

Machining and Sand Blasting
Iron foundry uses a wide range of sand blasting and machining to enhance the surface finish of the castings.

Cast iron pan made by sand casting process


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