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  Ductile Iron Anchor Head for Post Tension System

Anchor head is an anchoring component of a bonded multi-strand tendon system. The common design materials are ductile iron and casting steel.

Quality and Inspection for Anchor Head Casting
Anchor head casting quality has an important effect on the quality of construction tendon system. In severe conditions, casting defects, such as porosity or sand inclusion, may lead to disaster failure of construction projects.

Therefore, foundry suppliers need to take strict control of each step of sand casting process. Mold design has to consider air ventilation, iron water chemical composition has to be tested before pouring mold cavity.

In addition, independent test specimen has to be cast for mechanical property test. If necessary, all casting has to do internal defect detection test to make sure that there has no defect parts pass to outgoing shipment.

ductile iron anchor head casting


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