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  Ductile Iron Anchor Coupling Castings

The ductile iron anchor coupling is used to restrain the fire hydrant to the gate valve. Ductile iron is produced by adding magnesium alloy to molten iron.

The magnesium causes the flake-form graphite to assume a spheroidal shape. This change in the carbon structure results in a far stronger, tougher ductile material than cast iron while retaining superior corrosion properties.

The ductile iron anchor coupling used in conjunction with a hydrant tee provides a fully restrained hydrant connection without the use of braces, blocking or strapping. With variable lengths available and a swivel gland on each end, the ductile iron anchor coupling provides flexibility during installation. The rotating feature of the swivel gland permits the installer to meet any grade requirement regardless of bolt-hole alignment.

Swivel x Swivel Ductile Iron Anchor Coupling


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