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  Ductile Cast Iron Production Notes

The mechanical properties of ductile iron castings is close to that of steel, so it has been developed into a common cast iron material that is widely used after grey cast iron.

Ductile iron with its excellent performance can sometimes replace expensive cast steel and forged steel in use. Ductile iron castings are widely used in the machinery manufacturing industry.

The followings are notes for the production of ductile iron castings:

1. Strictly demanding chemical composition, the carbon silicon content required for the original iron liquid is higher than that of gray iron, and the content of manganese, phosphorus and sulfur in the ductile iron is reduced.

2. The temperature of the molten iron is higher than that of the gray cast iron to compensate for the spheroidization and the loss of the temperature of the molten iron during the treatment.

3. Spheroidizing treatment, that is, adding a spheroidizing agent to the molten iron.

4. Adding an inoculant for inoculation.

5. Ductile iron has poor fluidity and large shrinkage. Therefore, it requires high pouring temperature and large casting system size. Reasonable application of riser and cold iron adopts the principle of sequential solidification.

6. Perform heat treatment.

  • annealing
    A ferrite matrix is obtained to improve plasticity, toughness, stress relief, and improved cutting performance.
  • normalizing
    A pearlite matrix is obtained to improve strength and wear resistance.
  • tempering
    Obtain the matrix structure of the tempered sorbite and good comprehensive mechanical properties such as spindle, crankshaft, connecting rod and so on.
  • austempering
    The parts with complex shape and high comprehensive performance are required to obtain the base structure of the lower bainite, and the comprehensive mechanical properties such as high strength, high hardness and high toughness, and avoid cracking during heat treatment, such as spindle, crankshaft and gear.

Ductile cast iron castings


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