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  Customized Cast Iron Parts Used for Mining Equipment

Dandong Foundry could produce cast iron and cast steel parts for mining engineering industry according to customer's drawings or samples.

Some of the cast metal parts used within the mining industry include:

  • eccentrics for shakers and crushers
  • clamping rings
  • pinion shaft housings
  • wheel hubs for large mining trucks

Materials used in mining engineering castings and fabrications:

  • Grey Cast Irons
  • Spheroidal Graphite Cast Irons

Transition from welding to casting to realize the following benefits:

  • Reduced number of required components
  • Reduced number of required secondary/assembly operations
  • Reduced inventory complexity and costs
  • Increased reliability of product performance
  • Increased performance quality
  • Reduced failure modes

Using ductile iron instead of aluminum results in the following benefits:

  • Enhanced strength
  • Longer part life
  • Greater ductility
  • Reduced risk of deformation
  • Reduced risk of failure

The followings are some cast iron parts used for mining machines:


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