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Dandong Foundry has produced various cast iron stove grate and radiant in China. The cast iron grades are Gray Cast Iron ASTM A48 Class 25 and Class 30. Our casting stove parts have been exported to USA and UK for many years.

The problem of stove casting products

The main quality issues happened on stove grates and radiants are straightness and surface cleanness.

During molding and cooling process, the grates will get some deformation, which is inevitable, so we will check their straightness 100%, then correct the straightness. As for the surface quality, it has relations with the sand quality, also will depend on the further grinding works.

The material of stove grates and radiant

Normally, the suitable cast iron grades are Gray Cast Iron ASTM A48 Class 25 and Class 30. Class 30 has the higher tensile strength than Class 25.

The equal material grades for different countries will be China HT150 and HT200; Germany GG15 and GG20; European EN-GJL-150 and EN-GJL-200; UK Grade 150 and 200; Australia T150 and T200.

Gray cast iron has better heat stability than ductile iron, so it is the suitable cast iron material for stove parts. However, if you need the grate to resist very high temperature, such as for the boiler or coal stoves, then some alloy Cr and Ni cast iron will be needed.

The photos of stove grates and radiant

Because of confidential consideration with our clients, we can not show the photos of our products, but the following photos are showing the similar stove grates and radiants.


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