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Dandong Borui Casting produces aluminum manifolds by sand casting process, instead of die casting process.

Aluminum manifolds are important auto accessories, the original parts were made by die casting process, however, the duplicated manifolds sold on the second markets can not be made by die casting process, the only reason is the extremely high prices.

Die casting process needs very high pattern cost, maybe 30,000 to 50,000 USD, which is too high for the replaced manifolds. The lost wax investment casting process is not suitable for producing manifolds, because manifolds are too complex. Therefore, the sand casting process will be the only choice.

Our foundry could produce aluminum manifolds by molding machine and shell molding process. The suitable aluminum material is also important, too soft will cause failure on the thread holes. Sometimes, certain aging process (heat treatment) will be needed. Borui casting has experience and equipment to deal with these works in house.

In the past, we have experienced lots of difficulties, such as high defective rates, material problems, shrinkage issues, and machining problems. Now, we have rich experience to produce them very well. Moreover, we could supply the related accessories too, including bolts, washers, stainless steel and brass adapters.

The followings are some photos for your reference:



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