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  How to prevent sand holes in iron castings

As for the resin sand molding, water glass sand molding, although the intensity of the two molding are very high, sand holes will still appear in iron castings.

Reason: Sand cleaning is not thorough. There are residual sand in the mould. Secondly, the liquid iron wash the wall of mould to cause the sand runner.

Some iron foundries use painting to prevent the brushing, which takes the good results, but still there will be sand holes. First, because the brushing paint in the gates is more difficult. The second is the high pouring temperature, which cause paint erosion, and high temperature immersion will cause the sand holes too. Casting plant did not attach great importance to the gates design. Casting process ignored the erosion of the runner wall. All these factors lead to the casting sand holes and sand trachoma.

Improving Method: Using the ceramic pipes for the cast gates. This product easy to be used, with smooth flow, resistance to molten iron, molten steel erosion, does not absorb liquid steel, sawing of good features. You can simplify the molding process, eliminating the paint on the inside of the gate, and the gating system to improve the layout, to avoid sand washing, sand holes and sand defects in iron castings.

sand hole
Sand Hole



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