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How to Reduce the Production Cost of Resin Sand Casting

1. The choice of original resin sand

The original resin sand can be divided into ordinary resin sand, washing resin sand and scrubbing resin sand. Because the clay content of scrubbing resin sand is small, and it can greatly reduce the waste of resin sand, thus we should give preference to scrubbing resin sand. We also choose washing resin sand, but must not use the original untreated sand. The price of scrubbing sand is not high, generally 50 yuan / t to 70 yuan / t, but the transportation expenses are high.

When select the resin sand, we should follow the following principles:

(1). The principle of choosing the nearest not only reduces expensive transportation costs, but also protects the supply of resin sand not to affect production.

(2). We must try to use the original sand of low angular coefficient.

(3). Because the technology and equipment of scrubbing resin sand enterprises are different, the production qualities of scrubbing sand are different, therefore, we should inspect manufacturing enterprises of sctubbing sand in determining the use of resin sand, and examine technical conditions, equipment conditions, status of sand source and sand quality control results.

In short, during the choice of original resin sand, the best way is the test contrast with reference to other aspects in ensuring the production and quality to reduce resin sand production costs to a minimum level.

2. The choice of furan resin

The price of resin used in resin sand is high, usually 10,000 yuan / t, so it has a great impact on the casting costs. Meanwhile, the equipments of different manufacturers are different, the resin production qualities are also quite different.

If you choose low-quality resin, it not only affects the quality and results in the increase of casting scrap, but also increases the amount of added resin and brings about high casting costs.

Therefore, the choice of resin raw materials not only refers to the manufacturer's technical datas, but also takes production equipment, production process and quality control measures into consideration. In addition, we can invite inspection departments to examine, learn experiences from the manufacturers at the same level, and select resin sand products of well-known large enterprises.

3. The choice of other raw materials

Other raw materials of resin sand include curing agents, coatings, adhesives, release agents and sealing clay. The impact of these materials on the casting quality is not major, but the influence of resin sand casting cost can not be ignored.

For example, different amounts of added curing agents not only affect production efficiency, but also the costs of materials. Therefore, the choice principles of other raw materials not only need to consider the quality, but also consider procurement, transportation convenience and other issues.

In short, as long as reasonable equipment selection of resin sand, reliable performance, proper function, matched raw material selection, stable quality, timely supply and reasonable production process parameters, resin sand casting foundry will be able to control and reduce costs and bring development and efficiency.

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