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Resin Coated Sand, Casting and Production

Resin coated sand is a main production material for sand castings. Actually, there are two types of resin coated sands. One is furan resin coated sand, another is pre-coated phenolic resin sand. Herein, we briefly introduce their characters and application.

Furan Resin Coated Sand

This sand is a type of quartz sand mixed with furan resin as the bonded material. Its color is black with a little green.

Firstly, iron foundry needs an sand treatment equipments to mix sand and resin together, then brush the sand molds by acetaldehyde coating, and burning it to make it become solid. Therefore, this sand mold is a type of hard mold.

Furan Resin Coated Sand

Furan resin coated sand is suitable to produce large iron castings. Benefit from the hard molds, the iron castings could have better surface quality and less casting defects. However, this sand is not suitable for producing small iron castings, and steel castings.

Furan resin coated sand could be recyclable, however, its production costs are still much more higher than green sand.

Pre-coated Resin Sand

Our foundry bought pre-coated resin sand directly from the sand supplier. The sand has been packed, so we do not need to mix them.

The pre-coated sand is yellow, and very fine. After heating in the molding machine, they will be melted and become solid after cooling.

The molding process using pre-coated resin sand is also called as shell molding, or hot shell and core molding process.

Pre-Coated Resin Sand

Pre-coated resin sand is very fine and solid, so they could make the castings with better surface quality, less sand casting defects, and very high dimensional tolerance. So, they are suitable to produce small and middle size iron castings, complex, thin wall thickness.

However, pre-coated resin sand is expensive, and can not be recyclable, so their production costs will be high.

In China, most of metal foundries just used this sand to produce iron castings, but this sand is also suitable to produce steel castings.

Furan Resin Coated Sand Castings

The followings are some gray and ductile iron castings made by furan resin coated sand casting process.

Pre-coated Resin Sand Castings

The followings are some grey and ductile iron castings made by pre-coated resin sand casting process.

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