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Quick Delivery and Rapid Prototype China Foundry for Cast Iron and Cast Steel Parts

In the beginning stage of new iron and steel parts, the prototype and small amount demand are very common and necessary. However, some large metal foundries may refuse to make prototype and have min. order amount. But we do not.

1. Quick Production for Gray Iron, Ductile Iron and Carbon Steel Castings

Our Dandong Foundry has good relationship with the nearby other iron and steel foundries, so we can produce various material grades of grey iron, ductile iron (s.g. iron) and carbon steel castings everyday. Therefore, we can realize quick production and delivery for small demand.

Moreover, we can produce metal castings by various sand casting processes, such as automatic molding line, molding machine, manual green sand molding, resin coated sand, and shell molding process. So, we can produce castings with unit weight from 0.5 kilogram to 1500 kgs.

2. Rapid Prototype Services for Iron and Steel Casting Parts

Even if the client just demands one or several pieces of prototype samples, we are also willing to make them. Prototype is costly because of big investment for making samples and testing. So, not every foundry is willing to do it.

In addition, we have our own machining workshop, so could complete the quick machining works in-house.

3. Quick and Low Cost Wooden Pattern and Resin Pattern

We have some long-term pattern workshops who are making wooden patterns and resin (plastic) patterns for us. So, we can make the prototype patterns and tooling quickly and by low cost. Making metal patterns will be far more costly, so they are not suitable for prototype stage.

Our pattern workshop could make the patterns by 2D or 3D drawings, or by existed sample.

4. Quick Arrangement for Air and Sea Freight Delivery

Our foundry has run our business for over fifty years, and have some good shipping agents. Therefore, we can arrange the quick air and sea freight delivery to the destination port in your country, and by reasonable freight costs.

5. Continuous and Quick Modification and Improvement

Some clients may need to modify and improve their design frequently to the best result. This is very normal for us. We will never refuse the requirements of clients, and could modify the patterns as far as we could.

The followings are only some of our iron and steel casting parts, rough and machined. Because of confidential issues, we can not list all.

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