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Green Sand Iron Casting Cost

As for iron casting products, green sand molding process is the cheapest production method, so iron casting costs made by green sand are the lowest comparatively.

Why is the green sand iron casting the cheapest?

1. Green sand is a type of wet clay sand. Wet clay is the bonding material, and the sand is quartz sand, so all these materials are cheap and easily available, moreover, all these materials are recyclable.
2. Molding method is simple and no bake process.
3. Most of iron foundries could use this casting process very well.

How much is the iron casting product made by green sand?

The iron casting prices are also affected by the following factors besides of sand materials.

1. Cast iron material and grades, such as grey iron or ductile iron, and their specific grades.
2. The complexity of iron casting design and structures. More complex will be more expensive.
3. The annual demand quantity. More annual demand will cause the price lower.
4. The unit weight. The iron castings lighter and smaller, then their prices per kg or per pound will be higher.
5. The other requirements, such as coating, packing, sand casting defects, hardness etc.

Therefore, it is difficult to quote the iron casting prices without these requirements, however, we can give you an approximate price, only for reference.

Gray Iron (Green Sand) 1.20 USD/kg
Ductile Iron (Green Sand) 1.31 USD/kg

These prices are FOB China port, so included packing and inland delivery, but do not include coating, painting, machining costs. The accurate prices should be quoted only after checking all requirements.

As for the latest cast iron prices, please check the website of our Dandong Foundry.

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