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The Characteristics of Green Sand Casting

Green sand casting is one of the most convenient casting methods, which is widely used in foundry industry. This article is intended to introduce the characteristics of green sand casting.

The basic characteristic of green sand casting is that the sand moulds (cores) need no drying or hardening process.

The main advantages of green sand casting are as follows:

1. Flexible production, high productivity, short production cycle, easy to organize continuous production and implement the production process of mechanization and automation;

2. The cost of materials is low;

3. It saves drying equipment, fuel, electricity and workshop production area;

4. The service life of sandbox is extended and so on.

However, the green sand casting may also tend to bring forth some casting defects, such as: gravel, scab, rat-tail, sticky sand, blowholes, sand inclusion, swells and some other problems.

With the development of casting science and technology, people have a more profound understanding of the principles of interaction between metal and mold, and we have more effective control on the sand quality.

With the use of modern sand processing equipment, sand quality to some extent is guaranteed, and advanced modeling machine makes sand tight and uniform, and the mold is of high quality, which promote the expansion of the application areas. Such as in cars, tractors, diesel and other industries, thin-walled cast iron pieces with the quality of less than 300 ~ 500kg are already successfully cast by green sand casting.

There are some modern modeling methods, such as ordinary machine molding, micro seismic compaction modeling, multi-contact high pressure molding, injection pressure modeling, impact modeling and static modeling and so on.

As an important molding method in Dandong Foundry, green sand casting is widely used and it contributes a lot in foundry industry, which enjoys a great improvement potential and wider application.

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