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How to Realize Green Casting Foundry in China

China is No.1 in casting production in the world. But its productive level is quite low. There are many small factories with high energy consumption in China’s foundry industry. Compared with the developed countries, the environmental investment in China is far from enough. To achieve green casting, we have heavy responsibilities and also a great potential, and we believe we are able to make China change from a big casting country into a casting power in the near future.

The implementation of green energy conservation and environmental protection is the key to achieving sustainable development. Therefore, we must research and promote energy-saving, environmental protection new technology and new equipment which are suitable for China's actual conditions.

1. To focus on melting and heating system, and tap the comprehensive energy-saving potential. Adopt all kinds of new technology to eliminate pollution to the environment, and improve the melting quality, reducing defective index.

2. To save material resources, and develop material recycling technologies to reuse foundry waste and create the highest value of reuse. For example, use new technology of recycling old sand.

3. It is estimated that China's foundry industry accounted for the total annual energy consumption 25% to 30% of the machinery industry, and the pollutant emissions per unit of production are much higher than developed countries.

Therefore, we should solve environmental pollution problems from the materials, processes and equipment aspects. Develop non-toxic refining and metamorphic technique, and non-toxic tasteless white binder and casting materials, dust removal, sand regeneration, and no dust casting technology.

4. To strengthen the mechanization and automation of production processes, improve labor productivity, and to achieve nearly no margin of casting production technology.

To achieve green casting, every foundry is responsible and they should do certain contributions, only by the collective work, can we achieve green castings in the near future.

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