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EN-GJL-100 is a lowest grade of grey cast iron in European standard EN 1561, it is also named as cast iron GG10 in standard DIN 1691 by Germany and Austria.

The followings are its equivalent grades, chemical composition, mechanical properties, and some photos of grey iron castings made by Dandong Foundry.

EN-GJL-100 Equivalent Grades

Besides GG10 in standard DIN 1691, this grade is also equivalent to the following grades:
ISO 185 - Class 100
GB 9439 - HT100 in China
ASTM A48 - Class 20 in USA
UNI 5007 - G10 in Italy
UNF - FG15 in Spain
AS 1830 - T150 in Australia
NS11 100 - SJG100 in Norway

EN-GJL-100 Chemical Composition

This material grade is the lowest grade for grey cast iron, so normally, no need to require its chemical components. As long as it is grey cast iron, then it will be ok.

However, the chemical composition for reference as: C: 3.4-3.9, Si: 2.1-2.6, Mn: 0.5-0.8, P≤0.3, S≤0.15. This is only the composition to iron foundries for reference, and surely, it can not, and should not be taken as the inspection yard.

EN-GJL-100 Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength ≥ 100 Mpa
Yield Strength: No Requirement
Hardness Range ≤170 Bhn

Only the tensile strength is the quality inspection standard. Other mechanical properties are only for reference unless the buyers have particular requirements.

EN-GJL-100 Grey Iron Castings

Most of iron castings made by this material grade are counter weights.


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