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The Most Common Cast Iron Grades Manufactured in China

The followings are the most common gray iron and ductile iron grades produced by Dandong Foundry, and also for the most Chinese foundries.

The most common materials of gray iron produced by our foundry:

1. ASTM A48 Class. 20 and Class. 25. These grades are low and easier for production, so they are very common for stove parts, and low requirement parts. In China, its equivalent grade is HT150. All iron foundries could produce this grade. It will take about 40% of total output of gray iron castings.

2. ASTM A48 Class. 30. The equivalent grade in China is HT200. This material is also very common. As for the parts with a certain requirements to the tensile strength, this material will be suitable. It will take about 40% for total gray iron production.

3. ASTM A48 Class. 35. The hardness to this material is difficult to control, so it will affect the further machining, so production to this material will be more difficult, therefore, the small iron foundries will not produce it. It will take about 20% of our total production.

As for higher grades such as ASTM A48 Class. 40, 45 and 50, these materials need inoculation process like ductile iron, and need heat treatment, so only few iron foundries could produce these grades. Unfortunately, we can not produce these grades. As for higher grades such as 55 and 60, I really heard any clients required them, these grades are very rare. Only for special application, I think.

The most common materials of ductile iron produced by our foundry:

1. ASTM A536 60-40-18 (and EN-GJS-400-15), there is no 40-15 material in ASTM standard, but is very common in China and Germany standard. 40-18 and 40-15 are very similar, and just a little difference for elongation requirement. This material grade is the most common material for most foundries in China. It will take about 30% for our total ductile iron production output.

2. ASTM A536 65-45-12. This material is also common. In China, there is an similar equivalent grade QT450-10. It will take about 10% of total output of ductile iron castings.

3. ASTM A536 70-50-05. This material is also common. It will take also about 10%.

4. ASTM A536 80-60-03. This material is common, but not many foundries could produce it. Sometimes, its production costs will be higher than lower grades. It will take about 10% too, since some parts need to use this material because its high tensile strength.

The above four grades are the most common grades we are producing, and also for other iron foundries in China.

As for ASTM A536 80-55-06, although some clients required to use this material, but there is no equivalent grades in China and other countries, so it is better not to choose it. The other grades 100-70-03 and 120-90-02 need special heat treatments, so very difficult to produce. Only few iron foundries in China could produce these grades, and of course, their prices will be very high.

By the way, as for the equivalent grades for gray iron and ductile iron. Please refer to our article Equivalent grades of gray iron, ductile iron, sg iron, nodular graphite iron.

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