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The China Sand Casting Factory

Dandong Foundry is a professional sand casting factory in China, with over 50 years sand casting production experience, machining and exporting capability. The followings are some brief introduction to the production equipments and some sand casting products.

Production Equipments of Sand Casting Factory

1. Manual Green Sand Casting Factory

The molding process is completed by workers, so it is manual molding. This process is very traditional, however, it is still widely used worldwide, because its flexibility and low production costs. Just need sand flasks (sand boxes), no special equipments needed during molding.

2. Green Sand Automatic Molding Production Line

Many Chinese foundries are importing automatic molding equipments to replace manual molding. This equipment can speed up the production rate, and keep better uniform quality. However, its sand flasks are fixed, so has requirements to the size of castings, and the annual demand.

3. Resin Coated Sand Casting Process

Resin coated sand mold is a kind of hard molds, so it is suitable to produce large iron castings with complex structures or higher dimensional tolerance. However, furan resin is costly, so caused the production costs higher.

This process needs a set of automatic sand mixture equipments. The molding process is still manual method.

4. Pre-coated resin sand shell molding process

This process uses pre-coated resin sand as the main molding material. After heating in the sand shooter equipments, the resin sand will become very hard, so can produce high quality iron and steel castings. However, in China, most of sand casting factories are using this process to produce iron castings, but not steel castings.

Machining Capability of Sand Casting Factory

Most of sand casting factories in China have certain capability of machining. Most of rough machining could be completed in their factories.

As for precision machining works in large quantity, most of casting factories can not do. However, there are many professional machining workshops near casting factories, so they could do the cooperation to complete the raw castings and machining works together.

Inspection Devices of Sand Casting Factory

1. Chemical Components Inspection - Spectrometer
This device can inspect the chemical components, such as C, Si, Mn, S, P, Mg, Cr, Mo, Ni, quickly and accurately.

2. Cast Iron Micro structure Inspection - Metallographic Microscope
This device can visually inspect the micro-structure of ductile iron and gray iron, including the graphite shapes and nodular rate.

3. Brinell Hardness Tester - Desktop, Portable
These testers could inspect the hardness of rough surfaces of cast iron parts.

4. Destructive Inspection
During sampling stage, destructive inspection could find the small shrinkage defects more visual and accurate. It is not suitable for large quantity production, but very useful for inspecting samples and improving gating system.

Sand Castings Made in the Factory

The followings are some sand castings made in Dandong Foundry factory.

Gray Cast Iron Gas Stove Burner Head made by Shell Molding Process

Lawn Tractor Axle Support made by green sand casting process.

Boiler Ash Collector tubes made by resin sand casting

Tractor ductile iron brackets made by green sand casting

Foundation plates, both sides grinded, gray cast iron, made by resin sand casting process

Ductile iron butterfly valve bodies, made by green sand casting process, machined.

Cradle brackets for trucks, made by green sand automatic molding line, after zinc plating.

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