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(What is cast?)

There are many ways to make products by metal materials, such as cast, forge, extrusion, rolling, drawing, stamping, machining, powder metallurgy and so on. Among them, the cast is the most basic, the most commonly used technology.

Cast is injecting the molten metal material with high temperature into the hollow mold, condensation is expected to shape the products obtained. The resulting product is casting.

Foundry casting material can be divided into black metal casting (including cast iron, cast steel) and nonferrous metal casting (including aluminum, copper alloy, zinc alloy, magnesium alloy, etc.). Non-ferrous metal casting factory specialized in casting, with emphasis on aluminum and zinc alloy casting.

According to the pouring process, there are pressure die casting and gravity casting. Gravity casting is the molten metal in the Earth's gravity into the mold process, also known as pouring casting. Generalized gravity casting including sand casting, metal mold casting, investment casting, lost foam casting, etc., narrow sense of the gravity casting specifically refers to the metal type casting. Pressure die casting is the molten metal in the other external forces (excluding gravity) into the mold under the action of the process. Generalized pressure casting, including casting and pressure die casting machine vacuum casting, low pressure casting, centrifugal casting, etc., narrow sense refers specifically to the pressure die casting machine casting metal mold casting, referred to as die-casting. Seeking long been engaged in sand casting and metal factory-type gravity casting, cold chamber and hot chamber pressure die casting machine casting. These types of non-ferrous foundry casting process is the most commonly used is the lowest relative price.

Sand casting is a form of sand as the main material to produce the traditional mold casting process. Sand generally use gravity casting, there are special requirements, also may be low pressure casting, centrifugal casting process.

Metal mold cast process is a kind of cast process taken heat-resistant alloy steel as the molds. Metal mold cast process can use gravity cast process and pressure die cast process. The metal molds of metal cast process can be used repeatedly, each time pouring will get a casting. Metal casting is not only a good dimensional accuracy, surface finish, and the same in the pouring liquid metal case, the casting strength higher than the sand, but not easy to damage. Therefore, non-ferrous metals in the mass production of medium and small casting, as long as casting materials do not need high melting point, are generally preferred metal casting. However, the metal casting are also some disadvantages, because the heat-resistant alloy steel molds are relatively expensive, so the metallic mold is not cheap. For small batch production, the share to the cost of each product was too high on the mold, generally difficult to accept.

Die casting is the type of pressure cast process by die casting machines. Die casting machine is divided into hot chamber die casting machine and cold chamber die casting machine types. Die casting machines have high degree of automation, materials, less waste production efficiency higher than the cold chamber die casting machines, but by the mechanical heat capacities, currently only for zinc alloy, magnesium alloy and other low melting point materials castings. The main characteristics of die casting molten metal at high pressure and high speed filling the cavity, and under high pressure forming, solidification, and therefore die casting very high levels, not only higher than the gravity sand casting, gravity die casting is also higher than the metal pieces . For aluminum alloy, the casting without any treatment intensity close to the heat treatment enhanced gravity casting parts. Inadequacy of die casting is, because the metal liquid at high pressure, high-speed cavity under the filling process, inevitably to the air cavity inside the folder wrapped in casting, the formation of skin pores, so the aluminum die casting is not appropriate heat treatment.

Therefore, what is cast? Cast is just a kind of metal parts forming process, which is widely used, and easy to implement, economical and flexible.

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