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Cast Iron Caster, Cast Steel Caster

Want to find one good cast iron and cast steel caster in China? Dandong Foundry is a good choice.

Many clients wanted to find a capable and reliable cast iron caster in China, and also hope they could produce steel castings too. In this way, they do not need to find another steel caster.

Our foundry has been a cast iron caster for over 50 years, moreover, we have established partnership with our local best steel caster, so we could supply high quality steel castings too. This is good for our clients.

Cast Iron Caster

Cast Iron Products

Our foundry mainly produced cast iron products for stove parts, agricultural machinery parts, truck parts, chair parts, and pipe fittings etc.

Iron Casting Workshop

Our casting workshops includes manual green sand casting workshop, automatic molding, shell molding, resin sand casting process.

Machining Workshop

Our caster has their own machining workshop, so they could complete the rough machining and high precision finish machining in-house.

Cast Steel Caster

Cast Steel Products

Our steel products are for machinery parts, train parts, construction parts.

Steel Casting Workshop

Our steel caster could produce steel castings by water glass investment casting process, silica sol investment casting process, and compound shell casting process.

Machining Workshop

Our steel caster could complete the rough machining and finish machining by their own machining workshop.

Quality Inspection

Quality is always the most important. We could perform mechanical testing, chemical analysis, hardness testing, UT inspection, liquid penetration testing, and many other quality inspections.



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