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Cast Iron Accessories Made in China

Cast iron accessories are also called as cast iron fittings or cast iron mountings. The accessories are parts or components of machines.

The material of cast iron accessories includes ductile iron, grey iron and alloy cast iron. For example, pipe fittings, they are usually made by ductile iron QT450-10 and QT400-18. Water pump fittings, they are usually made by grey iron HT250 and HT300 in China.

The type of cast iron accessories includes standard accessories and OEM accessories, or divided into alloy cast iron, grey cast iron and ductile iron accessories according to the materials.

Alloy cast iron accessories

Alloy cast iron is the common cast iron with alloying elements and has special properties. Usually alloying elements include silicon, manganese, phosphorus, molybdenum, copper, titanium, antimony and tin, etc. Alloying elements can change the matrix of cast iron, and they make cast iron to have higher heat resistance, wearing resistance property, corrosion resistance, non-magnetic and low temperature impact resistance, etc.

Grey cast iron accessories

In general, the materials of large cast iron accessories are grey iron.

The followings are the advantages of gray iron accessories.

1. The wear resistance of grey iron is good, because the graphite in grey iron is useful to the lubrication.

2. The machining property of grey iron is very good, because the gray cast iron with high carbon content is close to eutectic composition, So it has low melting point, and has better liquidity, its shrinkage is small, so is suitable for structure complex or thin-walled castings.

Ductile cast iron accessories

Ductile iron has higher strength and toughness than grey iron. Moreover, the corrosion resistance of ductile iron is better than cast steel.

The application of ductile iron is very wide, such as automobile parts, valve bodies, valve decks, transmission gears, etc.

There are many types of cast iron accessories, such as the cast iron parts for pumps, safety valves, drain valves, light oil burners, heavy oil burners, communication manholes, tree pool flats manholes, motors, fireplaces, gear pumps, etc.

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