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The price difference between green sand, resin sand and shell molding castings

When we made quotations for some clients, we will have to explain the price difference by various sand casting processes, in order to make our clients to know why our production costs were higher or lower. Herein, let me make a brief introduction to the castings costs by green sand, resin sand and shell molding processes.

1. Green Sand Casting Cost

Green sand is the cheapest casting process. As for grey cast iron, the raw casting cost is about 1206 USD/ton. As for ductile cast iron, the raw casting cost is about 1317 USD/ton.

Green sand includes three types of casting processes, one is manual green sand. The foundry workers make the sand molds by their manual operation. One is making sand molds by molding machines, and another is by automatic molding lines. There is almost no difference for these three types. The foundry just need to use them according to the specific requirements and conditions.

2. Resin Sand Casting Cost

Resin sand casting process is suitable to produce middle and large iron castings with higher surface quality, dimensional accuracy and less casting defects. Because resin material is very expensive now in China, so the resin castings are also very expensive now. Moreover, resin casting process is slower than green sand, therefore, its production costs will be higher too.

As for grey iron by resin sand, the raw casting cost is about 1365 USD/ton. As for ductile iron, the raw casting cost is about 1476 USD/ton.

3. Shell Molding Casting Cost

Shell molding use a kind of yellow resin sand, which is more expensive than normal resin sand. Moreover, this type of resin sand can not be recycled.

Shell molding castings could reach higher dimensional accuracy (smaller tolerance), very good surface quality, more complex inside and outside structures, thinner wall thickness and less casting defects. However, this process can only produce small and middle size and weight castings. The iron castings with over 500mm length will be difficult to produce by it.

As for gray iron by shell molding process, the raw casting cost is about 1460 USD/ton. As for ductile iron, the cost is about 1571 USD/ton.

The above prices are only production costs, the foundries need to consider the other factors, so the final prices will be higher that the above. The material costs cause the main difference between these three casting processes, moreover, the size, complexity, weight, annual demand and other technical requirements will also cause some differences.

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