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How to calculate the price of iron castings?

Learning about calculation and estimation of iron casting costs is important for buyers to make a right price evaluation. Herein, we make a brief introduction to the process of casting price calculation by manufacturers and suppliers.

When we receive the inquiries from clients, we will check the following issues:

1. Consider if we can produce the castings.

We need to check if the raw castings could be produced by sand casting processes, some could be made by green sand, some could be made by resin sand, or shell molding, or automatic molding process. Green sand is cheaper, shell molding is most expensive. The related aspects will include the dimensional tolerance, surface quality, structure complexity, annual demand, weight and size etc. All these factors will affect the raw casting costs. Of course, if all these processes could not meet the requirements, then we will not be able to produce them.

2. Consider if we can meet the machining requirements.

As for the normal machining works, most of iron foundries with machining capabilities will be able to do the machining in-house. Otherwise, they will have to entrust other professional machining workshops to do the machining, which is not the best choice, since the cooperation between foundries and machining workshops may cause more difficulties and delay of delivery.

Machining cost is difficult to quote since the price should consider the machining equipments, work time, and price rate accordingly. Moreover, the annual demand is also important issue, which affects the machining costs.

3. Consider other costs.

Other costs will include the packing costs, surface treatments, painting, inland and sea freights, and of course, the exchange rate. These costs will be related with the specific requirements of clients.

After our talking so much, you may still do not know how to calculate the casting costs. Indeed, it is not a simple work to make an accurate quotation, or price evaluation. There are many factors that will affect the prices.

However, we still can make an approximate price range for reference.

a) As for rough castings without machining works. You could refer to our website iron-foundry.com, on it, you could see the various casting price according to the different casting processes and materials, such as grey iron and ductile iron.

b) As for the machining costs, for the simple machining or rough machining, the price is in the range 0.16 USD/kg to 0.80 USD/kg. For the complex or high precision machining, the price is in the range 0.80 USD/kg to 1.60 USD/kg.

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