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How to be a qualified iron casting factory in China

There are many iron casting factories in China, however, I think most of them are not very good. As a market manager of Dandong Foundry, I usually talked about this issue with our clients, and hope to improve our capability to produce more qualified iron castings.

So, what characters should a qualified iron casting factory have?

1. Necessary inspection devices and documentation

Most of iron casting factories will think they are qualified if they could produce qualified casting products, but they are wrong. They should have necessary inspection devices to complete the inspection to the dimensions, chemical components, physical tests and other necessary inspections. Moreover, they should have a management to issue and save the inspection reports and other documents. Only in this way, the clients could believe the quality of their casting products.

2. Experienced technical engineers and translators

Everyone knows that experienced technical engineers are very important to a manufacturer, however, a good translator is also very important for an exporter. The translator needs to have good English ability and understanding to the technical issues. Some leaders of iron casting factories in China just thought a translator is just a translating machine, so they just need to understand English, but they are wrong. A translator could play a very role to the drawings, technical requirements, documentation, communication, clarification, shipment, payment and other aspects.

3. Good control to the production costs

Production costs will include many aspects. Including material costs control, defective castings control, administrative costs control and efficiency of operations etc. Any aspects among them could cause the increasing of production costs, and so will affect the iron casting prices and profit. However, any aspect will not be easy to control for the current iron casting factories in China. Most of these leaders are lacking the advanced management experiences. So, they could run a small iron foundry very well, but can not run a large casting factory by their old experience. More unfortunately, some iron casting factories will transfer their high production costs to their clients by increasing casting prices.

Of course, a qualified iron casting factory should have more necessary characters, but the above three aspects are the main problems for the current iron foundries in China.

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