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The equipments used to produce iron castings in China

Many clients visited our Dandong Foundry each month, and we need to introduce the equipments to produce iron castings. So, I want to write an article to introduce these equipments, and hope it could be helpful for buyers to learn about these equipments in China.

1. molding equipments

A) manual molding

Most of iron foundries in China could produce the iron castings by manual molding method. In brief, workers make the sand molds only by their hands and sand boxes, without any other equipments. This method is very traditional but still being used widely in China.

B) molding machines

Some iron foundries use molding machines to make the sand molds. The molding machines could make the sand molds by air pressure as the motive power, so it is a kind of semi-automatic molding method.

C) automatic molding machines

Automatic molding machines are also called automatic molding lines since they are a whole set of production line, which has very high production rate and use less workers.

D) shell molding equipments

Shell molding process need the core shooters, which are kind of machines used to heat the resin sand and shoot the sand into the metal molds.

2. melting equipments

A) cupola

Cupola is a kind of traditional furnace, which uses the coal as the heating material. Cupola is old and has higher pollution, and can not produce high grades of cast iron. Although most of iron foundries in China are still using cupolas, but they are being replaced by medium frequency furnace.

B) medium frequency furnace

Electric furnaces are widely used in China foundries, they can usually produce 500 kg, 1 ton, 1.5 tons and 2.5 tons liquid iron in each furnace.

3. cleaning equipments

A) shot blasting machine

Shot blasting machines use the high speed small steel balls to clean the sand residuals on the surfaces of iron castings. There are chain shot blasting machine, hanger shot blasting machine, barrel-type shot-blasting machine.

B) grinders

The angle grinders, electric grinders and grinding wheel machines are used to clean and grind the surfaces of iron castings after shot blasting.

4. Painting equipments

After cleaning, the rough castings need to be painted by anti-rust paintings, so the iron foundries in China usually have their own painting workshop. Of course, most of them just could paint the normal and simple painting.

5. Machining equipments

Some large iron foundries in China could do the finish machining in-house, but some small iron foundries just could do the rough machining, and have to entrust professional machining workshops to do the high accuracy finish machining.

6. Inspection devices

Most foundries have normal inspection devices for the physical and chemical properties, and some large foundries have CMM and spectrometers, but for magnetic powder inspection, radiographic inspection and impact test, they usually need to entrust professional testing lab.

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