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How to find a good Chinese foundry

Many iron casting buyers are interested to Chinese foundry since China is the largest casting base in the world, and there are thousands of Chinese foundries.

For small Chinese foundries, they just have dozens of workers and usually just produce very simple and common iron castings or steel castings. For the large foundries, they have hundreds of workers, and can produce over ten thousand of tons each year.

Since there are so many metal foundries in China, as a purchaser for iron or steel castings, how can you find a capable and suitable Chinese foundry for your products?

Some buyers may join some exhibitions or trading shows to find their suppliers. Of course, this is a direct way to talk about some issues face to face, however, you still can not see their real conditions. As I know, there are many trading companies who attend the exhibitions actively, but some metal foundries will not join these exhibitions since they have had many clients or they have no budget for those meetings.

The most economical and quickest way to search these Chinese foundries from internet, by Google or Yahoo search engines. You can look over their websites to check their main products, casting workshops, machining equipments, and inspection devices directly. I think you should be able to learn all information about your suppliers by their websites if they attached importance to their exporting business.

However, how can you search the most suitable foundries by internet?

1. Search by the product name

For example, you could search the "pump body in China", "cast iron stove burner", "weight ball in China", "iron bracket", or others.

2. Search by the material

For example, you could search "ductile iron EN-GJS-400", "gray iron class 25" etc.

3. Search by the types of manufacturers

For example, you could search for "iron foundry in China", "steel foundry in China", or "ductile iron casting in China" etc.

4. Search by casting process

For example, you could search "green sand floor molding", "automatic molding line", "lost wax investment casting", "resin sand casting process", "shell molding iron foundry" etc.

Of course, you could combine several related keywords together such as "iron foundry with resin sand" or "iron foundry with automatic molding", Then, you should be able to find many Chinese foundries, and can find their contacts from their websites, it is absolutely more direct and effective than some B2B websites.

automatic molding green sand molding resin sand molding

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