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The Problems in Chinese Foundries

The technology level of China's foundry industry falls behind the developed countries for 20 years, which is unable to meet the rapid economic development. Casting defect repair cold welder backward in technology, outdated equipment, high energy and raw material consumption, serious environmental pollution, workers’ bad operating environment and other issues have become the common view in foundry industry.

Especially for the following aspects:

1. The low level of technology and poor quality of castings

(1) large machining allowance, serious energy and raw material consumption, long processing cycle, low productivity, have become a bottleneck restricting the development of the industry.

(2) large castings segregation and serious inclusion defects.

(3) serious castings crack problem.

(4) unreasonable pouring system design.

(5) simulation software were not widely used.

(6) ordinary castings has excess production ability, high precision castings manufacturing is still difficult, and the core technology and key products are still dependent on imports.

2. high energy and raw material consumption.

The total energy consumption of China's foundry industry accounts for 25% - 30% in machinery industry, the rate of average energy utilization is 17%, and the energy consumption is about 2 times than the casting developed countries. According to statistics, the materials and energy input of Casting defect repair cold welder in the casting process is about 55% - 70%, China casting gross weight is higher than the foreign by 10% -20%, and the steel casting manufacture rate is 55% in China, but up to 70% abroad.

3. serious environment pollution, and difficult operating environment

In addition to a few large enterprises such as China FAW Group, which own sophisticated production equipment, advanced casting technology, and sound environment protection measures, most iron foundries have obsolete production equipments and technology backward, and rarely take the environmental problem into account.

In 1980s, China government initialed immensely specialization regulations, and improved the intensive degree for enterprises of small scale, low level of technology and serious environment pollution. However, the extensive feature of the casting production has not been fundamentally changed.

4. shortages of talent

The serious shortage of casting technical talent is the key to restrict our casting technology development.

Mainly shown as:

(1) The number of technical and management personnel is small, and the distribution is uneven.

(2) The number of high level personnel is small. The technical management talent are mostly secondary students and college students, and rarely graduate students.

(3) The sources of new talent is increasingly difficult. Many colleges and universities since 1990s no longer set casting profession, some factory school established by large and medium enterprises are also declining.

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