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Chinese Cast Iron

Chinese Dandong Foundry has produced over 2000 different types of cast iron parts in the past 50 days. The followings are some iron castings and their production processes.

1. Ductile Iron Weeding Machine Part

Our foundry produced this part by FBO automatic molding production equipments, to guarantee their good surface quality and accurate dimensions.

2. Ductile Iron Truck Bracket

We produced this ductile iron cradle bracket by automatic molding line, and machining them in-house. The surface coating is hot dip zinc galvanizing.

3. Ductile Iron Automotive Hub Housing

These small hub housings were produced for Chinese local automotive manufacturers. Our factory produced rough castings and machined them by ourselves.

4. Grey Iron Manhole Covers

These small grey cast iron manholes were exported to Japan. We produced them by manual green sand casting process.

5. Ductile Iron Tractor Hub Housing

Our factory produced this type of tractor hub housing for John Deere in China. We produced them by green sand because of their weight, dimensions and surface requirements.

6. Ductile Iron Compressor Housing

We produced this type of compressor housing castings for Chinese local refrigeration equipments manufacturer. The material is ductile iron, and the production process is resin sand casting process.

7. Grey Iron Boiler Collector Tubes

These boiler collector tubes were made by resin sand casting process, in order to keep good surface quality and uniform wall thickness. Their material is a kind of Chrome grey cast iron.

8. Gray Iron Gas Stove Burner

Gas stove burners are not an easy casting parts for most of iron foundries in China, because its complex inside structures and lots of drilling works. Our foundry produced these burners by shell molding process, and complete the drilling works in our factory. Our foundry also produced various iron castings for stoves, such as top grills, stove grates, stove doors etc.

Chinese cast iron parts have covered many civil and industrial areas, such as tractors, trucks, automotive, machineries, machine tools, stove, boilers, pipe fittings, pumps and valves etc. 

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