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Casting with Resin

The process of casting with resin has decades of years history, and is very common in the recent years. The resin sand casting has many advantages, such as better surface quality, better dimensional tolerances and can produce very large castings.

There are two kinds of resin used for casting processes, and another kind for making the patterns.

1. Fruan resin for the resin casting process.

Furan resin is a kind of black resin, the iron foundries can mix the resin with sand together, after burning the mixed sand, the resin sand will become very hard, and we called them as the hard molds. This kind of resin sand molds are normally used for producing large iron castings from 30kg to 2tons.

The resin sand casting process can keep good surface quality and better dimensions than green sand. Some iron foundries use the resin sand casting equipment for mixing and shooting the resin sands, and some foundries use the traditional simple mixing methods. Since the resin is costly, so the resin sand casting process is more expensive than green sand casting process.

resin sand casting

2. Phenolic resin sand for the shelling molding process.

When you heard someone to use the shelling molding process or hot shell and core casting process, then they will use the phenolic resin sand as the molding material. This kind of resin sand is yellow, and normally, this kind of resin sand has been well mixed and packed, so metal foundries do not need to mix them by themselves, and just buy the resin sand and inject the sand into metal molds, then heat the resin sand into solid shells or cores.

The surfaces of resin shells and cores are very smooth, the dimensions are very accurate , and there is less sand residual, therefore, the quality of castings are very good. The casting tolerance can reach the same level as the lost-wax investment casting. Many people think the lost-wax investment casting process will be replaced by the shell molding process in the future. It is mainly because the shell molding process can reach higher production rate and less pollution.

Since the resin shells and cores can not be reused, so the costs are even higher than the furan resin sand castings.

shell molding process

3. Epoxy resin for patterns.

The epoxy resin patterns are made by the epoxy resin and glass fiber, which has good lifetime and strength, but lower costs than metal patterns, so are widely used.

resin pattern

The process of casting with resin must be well used in the future, but the low production rate and high costs will still restrict its development.

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